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Stop 08 - Cattle grid

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Stop 8: (320 m) Cattle grid

From the highest vantage point close to the cattle grid, look inland across the peninsula. You will see that the landscape is flat. This level platform was cut by the sea. About 17 million years ago the average surface temperature of the Earth was warmer, the polar ice-caps had melted and the sea level was about 60 metres higher than it is today. The sea eroded the land surface to form this flat topography, known as a wave-cut platform. The same process is happening today, at modern-day sea levels. You can see this later along the walk, at Great Castle Bay (Stop 16).

You now have a fairly long walk to your next stop, Watwick Bay. Continue along the Coast Path for about 500 metres, and then take the side path down to the bay.

The path is steep in places, so if you prefer, you can leave out this section of the walk and continue along the Coast Path to Stop 10.

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